About David Pavlik

Just some tidbits

David Pavlik has been serving as Shepherd (Pastor) of Beit Yisrael in Orlando, FL. since May of 2012. Beit Yisrael is an international network of Messianic congregations with with the sole vision to be a part of the restoring of the Kingdom to Israel.

Leading worship and playing keys is a God-given gift. No other way to explain it. David began learning how to play piano at the age of 13 when a mentor of his by the name of Shawn gave him a small Casio keyboard. That keyboard sat in the closet for months until one day he began plucking out a melody. Months later, Juan Carlos Urdaneta showed him how to form the "C" chord and the rest was history.

Before truly playing and leading worship, David was part of a Messianic dance team. This team was part of his parents initial ministry to the Churches called "Amando a Su Pueblo Israel" or "Loving His People Israel".

David was born in Miami at Jackson Memorial Hospital but raised in Winter Springs, FL from the age of 3.

Shabbat services at Jonathan and Sharon Settel's house were a common event growing up. Jonathan was like a second father to David and one of his Dad's best friends.

Worship in the presence of The King is everything! Well, almost everything... but there is no place like His presence.

Growing up with parents in Ministry is a very hard thing. You see the good, the bad, and the ugly. Understanding the "why" anyone would want to do that during those years is very difficult. It's clearer now...

Favorite sport was baseball until a horrible coach came along just before high school and removed the desire to play. This event however has always stuck. Not everyone who is a leader should be a leader.

Speaking of baseballs, they hurt! LOL

David began working at an early age as a tile helper, detailer, and then at 16 a computer repair technician. Dad always said work with your brain not your back... Good advice.

Through training and experience David became a network engineer and supported many local hotels and businesses' I.T. needs. He's a geek at heart ;)

In 2002 he moved into a more program management type position and began consulting. Not knowing where the Father was taking him, he found himself leading numerous groups of people and projects.

Writing was never something he enjoyed or focused on growing up however in 2004 one of his clients introduced him to the Federal procurement process. This opened up a whole new skill set and passion in government proposal writing and management.

The Creator every step of the way was preparing David for his next mission in life. Not knowing what was to come, David simply allowed The Lord to open and close doors.

Enjoy today because you are not guaranteed tomorrow.