The Letter Aleph

How many times have you sat around thinking about how deep the letter A is? You know… What about the lines that comprise it, the deeper meaning of its sound, how it was written in the ancient times or maybe the numerical value of it?

“The letter A just moves me every time I think of it!”

                                                        – Said No One Ever…

This is the contrast between our languages and the Hebrew language. It’s phenomenal, profound, and enriches the soul! Take for example the letter Aleph, which is the first letter of the Hebrew “alphabet”.

The letter Aleph is essential to the Hebrew language yet it has no sound. It is comprised of two others letters brought together to from the most intriguing of the letters. Its existence is substantiated by everything that surrounds it yet it is the beginning. It is the ineffable letter when standing alone but when combined with vowels or other letters its existence is evidenced. It is the number 1 or 1000. Could this letter get any deeper? It begins the word “God” and many of the names of The Creator. It is there at the beginning yet not written. It begins the words “light” and “love” and most forms of “man” and “woman”. It is engrained in everything that is good, created, existing, and superior to us. Its name is Aleph which is derived from the root word, Alūf, meaning superior to us or higher than us.

This is all just scratching the surface! With 22 main letters in the “Alef-Bet” can you imagine the depth of understanding you could attain by studying the Scriptures through the original language. Stay tuned as we add more information on this amazing letter and language!

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